The module is comprised by Fchip2 (Original Fingerprint Authentication Chip), flash-ROM for program, sensor socket and PCB board. It runs stand alone with batteries or with outer device such as PC or MCU. Fingerprint data are stored on the board. With use of encryption and decryption function in module, encrypted fingerprint data are outputted to outside, and are inputted from outside of module. Application products for door lock system and e-commerce over network are easily developed with the module. The specification of our module is described as bellows.

BL368M <Fingerprint Authentication Module>

BL368M is a module with a Semiconductor area sensor. This Sensor combines the best properties of robustness against ESD, unaffectedness by a latent fingerprint or an external light, and user-friendliness, which is used by just putting a finger on the sensor. BL368M can be applied to a broad range of products, such as network terminal devices, office equipment, door lock system, security box, etc.

  • [Features]
  • Command Access / Stand Alone Mode
  • Semiconductor Area Sensor and Fchip2
  • Compact and Match on Device
  • Battery Driven
  • Registration of 100 fingerprint templates
  • Template data stored in nonvolatile memory
  • High safety with no latent fingerprint on the surface
  • 360 Degree Rotation Free
  • UART/RS232 IO Interface
  • Fingerprint auto-detection

BL368EVM/SDK is evaluation kit for BL368M. It can be also used for product development.
BL368M <Fingerprint Module Evaluation Kit/Development Kit>


BL373M_L & BL373M_C <Fingerprint Authentication Module >

BL373M is general purpose Fingerprint Authentication Module with Swipe Fingerprint Sensor run according to external commands. BL373M_L has a cable while BL373M_C has no cable to connect with sensor. Control board to the modules can also be provided.
BL373M_L Fingerprint Authentication Module BL373M_C <Fingerprint Authentication Module>

  • [Features]
  • Command Access / Stand Alone Mode
  • Swipe Sensor and Fchip2
  • Compact and Match on Device
  • Battery Driven
  • Matching time < 1 second for 1:50 fingerprints
  • Template data stored in nonvolatile memory
  • Swipe speed at 10cm/second
  • Swipe rotation at +/- 30 degree
  • UART and USB I/O
  • Suitable to thin and small product for both logical and physical access
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BL369M <Fingerprint Authenticaiton Module>

BL389M satisfies both international standard SOIEC_JTC1SC37 and China resident ID standard, which uses a big optical area sensor. It has higher reliability and durableness than semiconductor area sensors. From this fact,

  • [Features]
  • Command Access / Stand Alone Mode
  • Optical Area Sensor and Fchip2
  • Compact and Match on Device
  • Battery Driven
  • Mathcing time <1 second for 1:100 fingerprints
  • Encryped Template data stored in nonvolatile memory
  • UART/RS232C IO interface
  • Suitable for both Logical and Physical Access

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  BL368M BL373M BL369M
Sensor Capacitorarea sensor Capacitor swipe sensor Optical area sensor
#templates 100 50 100
Speed ≤ 1sec (100 fingerprints) ≤ 1sec (50 fingerprints) ≤ 1sec (100 fingerprints)
Accuracy FAR ≤ 0.0001%
FRR ≤ 0.5%
FAR ≤ 0.0001%
FRR ≤ 0.5%
FAR ≤ 0.0001%
FRR ≤ 0.5%
Size of mother board 45mm×30mm×6mm 40mm×25mm×6mm 45mm×30mm×6mm
Size of Sensor 20.4mm×33.4mm×2.3mm 10.3mm×4.1mm×1.2mm 20mm×22.5mm×48.5mm
ESD protection > 15KV > 15KV > 15KV
Interface UART(RS232C) UART UART(RS232C)
Power supply 4.0 – 7.0V 4.0 – 7.0V 4.0 – 7.0V
Power consumption 120mA 85mA 100mA
Operating temperature -20°C – +60°C -20°C – +60°C -5°C – +70°C

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